Dragon OS9 TV Advert

A very slick Spanish advert for the Dragon and OS9 – love those robots!


Delay and Darkness

Hello and apologies for the hiatus – some problems with drivers and my laptop made working with the Dragon emulator impossible.
Anyway, we have a new web tool coming soon. For now, take a look at this cool video for Ring of Darkness. If you never got the hang of that game, here’s a guide to getting started. Definitely going to load that one up again soon!

Pig Is Here – Grab The Beta

Pig is here. Please go and grab the Beta version!

Grab the .Cas file here.

February Dragon 32 Forever Update

Once a month we will have a update on all our activities and any other Dragon goodness that is going round.

First up we have from the Dragon Archive forums news of a new Dragon 32 game with a peek at a graphic. Probably the biggest release of the year! Also pop to the front page of that site for details of a retro computer weekend that will hopefully have some Dragons on display.

This site has grown and we have had some great contributions from some long time Dragoneers. Thanks very much to those individuals and we hope to share some more code in the form of Dragon Bytes and Dragon Magic articles soon.

Our first Dragon software project this year is coming along nicely – feeling a bit less rusty and getting used to BASIC again. If anyone has a program for renumbering BASIC on a PC, please let me know. I could code my own but don’t want to reinvent the wheel. To wet your appetite here is a screenshot of Pig:

Pig Game Preview

The site has been getting a steady stream of hits – hopefully that will continue. We put up our first online tool an interactive PRINT@ diagram – this will be the basis of a code wizard soon. Finally join us on twitter Dragon32Forever. We’ve been busy spreading the word and trying to coax people back to the Dragon!

Hello Dragon Fans!

This site will be about the Dragon 32 computer from the 1980’s and be focussed on new development!

Maybe you have a Dragon stored away somewhere, maybe you sold it years ago or maybe you have never heard of it before today – this site will help and encourage you get into the Dragon.

Have a look at our guide for ‘Getting Started’.

You can find out more about this site here.


For now try the Dragon page on wikipedia or visit the awesome Dragon Archive or download XRoar for a cool Dragon emulator.